Music Review //
Technical Reserve
"Personal Watercraft"
(Party Perfect!!!)

This album has a lot of beeping and computer sounds like that, which sometimes can feel like knobs are being turned but at other times can feel like they're coming through with a full force of distortion.  It's somewhere between the Transformers and that movie "Pulse", the one with Veronica Mars where technology came to life and attempted to kill everyone.

At times this can feel like a glitching video game, but then I can begin to see the images in my head.   Though this music was created by human composers, it might be how many people imagine music will be made in the future if it is generated by robots.   TJ Borden winds the cello through the cracks and it sounds almost haunted.

On "Big Doctor" the cello really comes out.  The electronics sort of scatter now, during "aspirin".    Many of these songs are under a minute long or close to it, but then a song like "Father Party" comes on and is six minutes.   It's definitely interesting to hear this one little short burst as a song and then it's followed by a longer, more minimal drone sound.  Of course this all builds in an electronic orchestra sound.

One of my favorite parts of these songs- which can be heard in "power forward #91"- is how it can feel so calm and unassuming, just with these little beeps as if to ask an innocent question.  Then all of a sudden it can feel like all hands on deck, as the music just gets so loud and almost violent.  It's so calm and sweet, like asking a simple message "Can I have a cookie?" to just so loud and abrasive like "GIVE ME THE FUCKING COOKIE".

From calming to feeling like you're on the edge of your seat, from small beeps to loud blasts, Technical Reserve has created an album of electronic sounds that is both short and long, both in your face and peaceful.  They have those moments where you might feel like it's over so you turn up the volume a little only for it come out louder than before.  This is really just some of the best waves to ride.


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