Music Review //
"Tiger Girl"

There are deep vocals that come through this song right away and the more I hear the bass in them the more I think about them being like Eddie Vedder.  The music itself has this great retro feeling to it, somewhere between a modern dreamwave and an older new wave sound.  This is the type of sound which could've been on cassette back in the day for sure.

Within this song is also a message- which everyone these days will think of as being a voicemail, but for whatever reason when I hear it I think about it as being left on an answering machine, something which makes this song feel even more retro.  Overall though, this sound feels like it's between A Flock of Seagulls and Com Truise.  It certainly can seem to combine those two genres.

What "Tiger Girl" is about feels like a love song.  But, beyond that, it also just feels like a song about having love and losing it.  It feels like "Tiger Girl" got away somehow and even just hearing the voice on the machine is a way of reflecting and longing for what once was.   There is just that overall vibe to this song where something happened and now it's a matter of getting past it.

Aside from whether or not you can relate with the lyrics, I think the music itself here is reason enough to be listening to this song.   The way that it feels like it's stuck between two different points in time, but also just the way all of these cool sounds come together with the vocals make it a bit hard to not listen.  It's that idea of hearing familiar sounds but not hearing them in this way before now.  


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