Music Review //

If you told me that there existed a three minute song dedicated to horse penis I might at first not believe you but then later on just not be concerned with it.  On paper, yes, this does not seem like the type of song that anyone needs to hear because... ew.  This man is literally singing to a horse in a sexual way.

With acoustic strums and a deep voice like Johnny Cash, this song could be better if it wasn't so descriptive.  "Though I'm thrilled to see it / I imagine it hurts" could be a line that would get you banned from any number of farms and zoos.  There might be some reading between the lines here, but with a title such as this, it is difficult not to do so.

As if to see how far the boundaries can be pushed before ending up on some sort of PETA watchlist, there is actually a line in this song that says "I can't imagine what gets you off".   I had to go back and listen to it more than once to confirm that is what I did in fact hear but as I've said before in this review... ew.  Just ew.

I really do enjoy the pacing of this song.  The video has this old VHS style while the music is being played.  If this song was about anything other than animal genitalia it might be good, but the fact that this is literally some guy singing about the reproductive organ of a horse just means this shouldn't be played or heard anywhere.


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