Cassette Review //
Peter Kris
"Letters To Lost Hills"

This one begins with a very strong and powerful ambient drone.   As this remains ambient, guitar notes come through now in sequence and then begin winding.   It's somewhere between that Chris Isaak being on a deserted island sound and FNL.   These notes are really telling a story here, as you can feel the words wanting to come out.  

A little bit more ramblin' now, this next song has a country sort of vibe to it.  I can see those tumbleweeds blowing by.   Continuing on that dreamy feeling, the next song still feels like it could be on that deserted island but the guitar also sings, as if this is a song we've heard before and know the words but just can't quite make them out.  

The rambling now is quieter, the overall vibe is calmer but it feels like the notes themselves are going faster.   Notes come through like we are about to see a creature feature and then it's back to that winding road.   The guitars begin to sound a bit like Johnny Cash here as well.  This maintains that FNL yet somewhat country sound with these guitar notes spread out across space and earth.  

On the flip side it still feels ambient, as notes ring out across space.   Things slow down, more ambient but the notes also further paced apart.  It feels like in the Old West, about to have a dual, but at the same time we're in space somehow.   Has there ever been a dual with pistols on the moon?  The pace really picks up as the song comes to an end.

Guitar chords come through now, with notes accompanying them.   This opens up the next song to fairly different sounding notes, yet it still feels along the same line as that which came before it.  But this just feels like such a unique guitar sound because I can't really relate it with anything else I've heard before.  

The notes take on a darker tone now, as it feels like we've stumbled into something rather serious and must pay attention in order to survive.   That disrtortion rings through and it feels as if it is almost mocking me.   This takes us into a song now which has that Buddy Holly feel to it.   It strums upbeat, like we're sad but getting over it, and then we drop off into the dark abyss of ambient distortion.


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