Record Review //
Science Man
"Match Game"
(Swimming Faith Records)

$7 //
Edition of 250 // //

Science Man is back with their particular blend of hardcore and melody.   This time, there is a 7" record called "Match Game" and all of the songs are less than two minutes in length (some are even under a minute).    I have thoughts of this sounding like Drowningman mixed with Snapcase and there is just this certain period of time for hardcore- from 2000 to 2002 or so- where I feel like this would fit right in.

"Surge" is full of music, with Wall-E electronics, but for the rest of this record it just feels like having your face blasted off.   It's loud.  It makes its presence known.   It is, from what I read on the Bandcamp page, the connection between the first full length- titled Science Man- and their next full length which is not out yet.   A little something to hold you over, if you will.

This does end with a drum beat and keys, in a very solemn way, so it doesn't have that same guitar death for the entire time.   It's nice to be able to feel a sense of calm at the end as these songs just rip through, somewhere between hardcore and rock n roll.   A song like "The Rush" really stands out and I think if you're ever just doing something active this would be a good record to put on and get moving.


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