Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Cassette Review //
Tiger Village
(Suite 309)

$7 //
Edition of 100 //

Singular tones begin this cassette and then they drop off into chaos.   This is those video games, pong, Transformers and internets all mixed into one sound at the same time.   There is also somehow this calmer sense behind it, which makes me think it's all happening in space.   I try to imagine it as some big space war, like a game of Asteroids, when I close my eyes but all I can see is fragments of computer coding falling apart.

A steady beat now.   We're moving fast, morphing.  There is an urgency to this song now which makes me want to get up and move with it.  I'm not sure why, but whenever I hear songs at this speed I always think how they'd be best for running- for exercising in some ways- and I rarely think about how you could/should get up and dance.   Perhaps I need to dance around my apartment by myself more.   Perhaps not.

Words come through in audio clips and I just heard someone say "smiling".   The speed seems to be increasing as the robotics are transforming.    We've reached a point where I feel like we've entered an intergalactic game of pinball and that's what brings this song to an end.   Beats and tones slowly fall into place as the next song starts.    Strong sounding lasers coming through as the puzzle pieces fall like Tetris behind.  

We're breaking some magical crystals now as the car horns beep along.   All of the beeps and flute sounds make me feel like now we are in a musical jalopy.   There is a pounding, like an error message.   Though the speed has slowed down some, this is still hitting hard.   It slows down to almost nothing and begins to expand.   Tones streak through like shooting stars and this brings us to the end of the first side.  

On the flip side we open up with some beats and it just has this magical feel to it.  It feels like we're floating around on clouds in space, even though there are no clouds in space.   Things begin to fall apart before those hollowed out tones return with big beats.    There is an Underworld vibe in here for sure.    The next song really begins to expand as if we're experiencing the creation of space.

Higher pitched tones come through now, dropping like balls.  They begin to skip, as if in error, and then make a scale.   This song may sound like 100 gecs or it might just be that I'm listening to them too much right now.    There are some solo sounds in here now, which go back and forth and then they all kind of collide to bring the song to an end.   Tones scatter in this next song as the bass slowly drives behind them.   It's got this way about it where it feels like scrambled pieces are coming through as well.

This song has really picked up and become a faster, sort of skramz version of these instrumental electronics.    It feels like certain sounds are trying to escape as the breaking beats won't let them.   It just seems so unreal to me how much this can sound like a ball bouncing around a room causing damage, and yet as it does that there is also this very specific way in which everything about this is falling apart.  

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