Cassette Review //
Various Artists
(Steep Gloss)

£5 //

A slow banging of a drum and we are advised to "Come and see".   Now it elaborates to come and see the blood in the streets.   The banging is back there, but most of the sound is being made by two different voices.   We get into a loud sound like water running into a metal pale and I'd be lazy if I didn't recognize that it sounded like at least one of these two women was moaning in pleasure.  

On what feels like the second track now, someone is saying "humnnmmmnmmnmmm" like they're revving up some sort of lawnmower.  I don't know.  It's almost primal like growling.  There are some lighter drops behind it but that trying to start up an engine vocals front just stays there most of all.   Those lighter sounds I hear behind the more obvious vocals could also be a voice but if they are it isn't as apparent.  

A voice is slowly whispering now.  It cracks a little and this just sounds like one of those ASMR things.   There is a crackling behind this and it feels like rain.  The voice can get to the point where it feels as if it is being stretched out with reverb but it's just overall almost like we're in a cabin in the woods, as this gives me some serious horror movie vibes.   It does sound like something is being said about justice.  

There is a sound now like a rattling toy and then the voice is shouting about an empty bottle of vodka, but it also gets broken up as if there is a struggle.   This get distorted as the sound accompanying the voice begins to flow like a steady engine.   The voice shouting with it just really throws me off with the rhythm of anything else going on though.   This does remind me of Frank Goshit though.  

Sounds like a steady engine of some sort, angelic singing, a child's voice and then the singing grows demonic.   I'm not sure what the buzzing of this engine could be, but then I hear water and the demon comes out again.   This is such a strange between good and evil, being innocent and being corrupted.   Even the angelic vocals have this child-like way about them.  

On the flip side we open with some humming and the sound of running water.   A banging now, as if with a hammer on a countertop and a whisper as well.   This track really seems to enjoy the contrast between the soft and loud parts of sound.   

We go into a darker sound now, like the vocals have been screwed and there is only a faint sound of a helicopter behind this one.    It has become like a growl now, that sound with it almost completely faded.  

Next we hear a voice popping bubbles and then a gasp.   A steady motor now.  A clear "bop" in a certain way.    More bubbles and then air passes through the teeth, almost like kissing.   We have hit a sound now which almost sounds like a cough.   

A word is on a loop now- luminati?- and there are sounds behind that of what could possibly be making coffee.  The voice turns to singing now, which I believe is singing "It never goes away".   The coffee sounds more like a blender now.   

Vocals come through like frequencies now as it sounds like trash cans are being banged upon behind them.   The voice sounds as if it is struggling now.   Those trash can lids keep getting moved around though.  


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