Cassette Review //
Sir Bobby Jukebox
"Friendship Gift"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 100 //

Sir Bobby Jukebox is Bobby Aherne, who is in (among other groups) No Monster Club who also have a release on Already Dead.   Would you consider Sir Bobby Jukebox to be a solo project or Bobby Aherne?  Perhaps.  But this doesn't sound like a solo project.   It sounds like a full band.  And the first song is about leaving a cake out in the rain which makes me think about way too many other things.

Through upbeat melodies and even bells this cassette rocks like Schatzi.   It can be described as bedroom pop, but it is a different type of bedroom pop.   "You Only Dance" has a twee feel, like something from HHBTM, which makes sense because No Monster Club has been on Emotional Response and you can kind of connect the dots from there.

"Where oh where do the dreams go?" is the question asked on "Kung Fu Buffet", which has some psych/garage aspects to it.   The fourth song has heavy xylophone and drum machine beats yet remains dreamy.   This goes into a tropical vibe for sure now, as he sings "Things will never be the same / why would anybody want that?" on "You Are Here"

"A Long Day at the Seaside" begins with audio clips about being at the beach and it definitely has a sound which also reflects that.   Is there a version of bedroom pop or twee which has a particular tropical feel to it?   This could be exactly what's happening here on "Friendship Gift", but there is also so much going on within all of these songs that it just best to put this one on when the sun is out and let the music take care of the rest.  


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