Cassette Review //
Magister Ludi
"Deep Fakes"
(Funny/Not Funny Records)

$5 //
Edition of 50 //

This cassette starts off with a bang.  It feels dreamy and screamy.  Without as much of a folk/country influence, this can remind me of Two Gallants.   The sound begins to get wild and I'm reminded of Motorhead at one point as well.  Overall, I also feel like the sound resembles Buck Gooter.   "Minor Choking" starts off dreamy but these lyrics are rather violent, which puts a nice contrast between the two.

"Canker Slim" has a solid grunge sound which can get a little bit bubbly but mainly just sticks in that grunge era.    Side A closes out with a song that has this more upbeat feeling to it which somehow reminds me of Weezer but more like Weezer from their blue album than anything else.   It's not exactly Weezer though, it's more like someone covering Weezer and then Magister Ludi sounding like that sound.   By the end though it does get back to that anger from the previous songs.

On the flip side we kick off with a song which sounds more dreamy, like from the 1990's.   Chris Isaak and Cowboy Junkies come to mind.   Somehow, I begin to hear Radiohead in here as well, and it's a departure from the first side.  Though now the lyrics are singing to "weaponize your children" and I feel like it's back on track.   This goes into a darker, distorted song which still is not quite as aggressive as anything on the first side.

Starts and stops (and perhaps a sax?) take us through "Warmth Of" and then "Placeholder" comes back heavy and screamy with the distortion.   This whole cassette ends with a good old fashion, gritty rock n roll number.   In ways I feel like the first side was very in your face and straight forward but on the second side of this cassette Magister Ludi seems to have really started to explore the sound, develop and find their own way.  


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