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"Now I Know"

When the song "Now I Know" first starts you'll hear vocals which are then joined by beats.  Musically, this song will take you on a journey through what might sound like rock but has a lot more of electronic qualities to it.   In some ways, it makes me think of a band like The Killers taking up a more electronic-based approach to their sound.   It's just not something I would call full on techno nor would I call it full on rock but it finds a nice way to reach the melody in between the two.

Lyrically I feel like this song tells a story which you can take the meaning of however you might choose (which is kind of the point) but for me it's about how you can view things one way your whole life but then at some point in your life that point of view changes.  I think, especially in our youth, as people we have the tendency to blame everyone else for our problems and what's wrong and we think more of "Well, this person did this so that's bad" and we think less about what we could have done personally to not have it come to that.

I feel this when the lyrics start with: "Some mistakes time cannot fix / And regrets falling like teardrops" (that being the idea that everyone else is wrong) and then go into: "Mistakes can be repaired / I've moved on with no regrets" (the idea that you should try to fix yourself more than trying to fix others)   And I especially feel this strongly about it because of the line: "My truth was my perspective", taking things into account and responsibility for yourself and no one else.   The more you listen to the lyrics and how they change, I hope that changes you in some ways- your perspective at least.

While this video starts within a house it goes out into nature quite a bit.   The main character faces himself more than once and then ends up back where he started, with the fire burning.   This just only seems to support my idea that this song is about self reflection and looking at yourself more than looking at others.   In some ways, if we all looked inside of ourselves and took care of ourselves we might not have to look out for others as much.  Or at least if we are able to take care of ourselves it makes helping others easier.

This song ends with a great electronic breakdown and if you're going to have a song called "Now I Know", in which that title is part of the chorus, you'll have to ask yourself what it is that you now know.   This is never really stated in the song.  The lyrics never say "Now I know how to be a better friend" or something to that effect.   But I think that's the point.  I think in the self reflection of listening to this (and perhaps even taking it into nature with you) you will find out what it is that you know.   What you now know might not be the same as what Orava knows or what I know but that's what makes this song so special.


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