Cassette Review //
No One Knows Who Did This
"No One Knows Who Did This"
(Telos Tapes)

$5 //
Edition of 100 // 

No One Knows Who Did This is interesting as both an artist name and cassette title because obviously someone knows who did this it's just a question of how many people know who did this.  I suppose it is better than something like "Only a limited number of people know who did this" or "Only those who need to know...etc"   This gives it a bit more of a mystery, which is something I like and will hopefully draw in the listener.

This is punk rock.   It's fast paced, it's sometimes fuzzy and I even think I hear a harmonica at the end of the second song.  But some of these songs are really short and are exactly what the title says and overall this cassette is short.  What strikes me is how if this was four times as long (not in terms of song length, but in terms of overall length and it had as many more songs to make it there) it wouldn't be too far off from any number of cassettes I've reviewed before.  It just feels like a shorter version of The Attitude Robots or Attic Ted.

The song "I Gotta Pee" makes me think of this time that I was driving home and I really had to pee.  I was close enough to home that it wasn't worth stopping, but it so happened that the Third Eye Blind song "How's It Gonna Be" was on the radio and so I started singing along with it, but changing the words to reflect that I had to pee.  So even just a short song on here like "I Gotta Pee" has not only brought up that past for me (this was well over twenty years ago) but also reassures me that we all like to make up songs when we have to go to the bathroom.

I want to compare this with Sex Pistols, but I think on many levels it's better.  There could be that whole "These vocals/lyrics are by a seven year old" aspect where the review person says "Stick with it and you could be big one day", but I don't see it like that.  I see it as being the great and accomplished cassette that it is right now.  It's not about finding success in music later in life for the artist behind this but rather let's celebrate how much fun this cassette is right now.  


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