Cassette Review //
Tiger Village
"Live on Pizza Night"

you either have it or you don't // //

This cassette is a recording of a performance by Tiger Village which was live on 9/16 or "Pizza Night".    I'm not sure where this live performance took place or how it was streamed either (was it Twitch? Instagram? Facebook? YouTube? Chaturbate?) but who doesn't enjoy some mystery.   This cassette is one of I'm not sure how many and there is no way to buy it, no way to link it so you can hear the digital.   It makes me question, on some level, why I'm even writing this review because no matter what I say you can't buy it anyway.  If it sucks, guess what?  You can't boycott it.  If it's the best thing you'll ever hear, guess what? You still won't hear it.   Unless someone rips the audio and puts it up on their own but that won't be me.  (Full disclosure: I do not have one of those things to make cassette music digital, but I probably should.  I can however make digital music go onto cassettes)

Through the beeps and bloops comes a lot of banging the drums.  It feels like we're in space and then it also feels like we're playing video games in space.   Through laser blasts comes a buzzing drone and eventually this takes us into the sounds of birds.   If I was better at reviewing music, I would be able to pull up a setlist and say "The following songs appear on here" and put them in order, but at the end of the day such things do not matter to me.  I like the idea of the sound more than the labels of the specific song and its name and all of that.  Imagine having two songs- each three minutes in length- but then putting them side by side and hearing them as one six minute long song.   These are the ways in which I do not wish to subscribe to your musical parameters.

Synths are going, starting and stopping, and it feels somewhat magical.    The idea that this cassette exists makes me wonder if the live set will actually exist one day.  Was it recorded to be played back later or did it just fade in cyberspace?  Since everything shut down in 2020, a lot of artists have been doing these live streaming performances and I haven't watched any of them.  I don't know why.  Some of my favorite artists have done them- for free- and I always see it in emails and think "That looks cool" but then when the time comes to actually watch it I forget and then a week later I read about it in the past tense.   How have things both slowed down and sped up since the shut down of 2020?  Does anyone else feel like this?

Now we have audio clips about the sounds of smiling I guess.  Can you make a sound when you smile?  I suppose you could laugh.  These beats just picked up and this has become quite the energetic ride.    I think now it actually says "sounds of warmth / smiling" and that is the overall idea related to this pinball machine sound and it makes sense in a nostalgia way.    A very short end of the game run takes us into some silence but then we return with a video game sound which reminds me of Super Marios Bros.   We're just going in and out of sounds now, some banging, some beeping, but mostly it feels like we're turning knobs.

On the flip side it sounds like voices are speaking through the video games or a pinball machine.  Horns come through now and the percussion is also at the front.   This feels like a fun but glitching video game.   The audio clip is about smiling again and it also says "one".   This does feel like a continuation of the song going on before, as we find ourselves in dead air now which might mean the end of the cassette.


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