Cassette Review //
One More Final I Need You
"We Loved Each Other And It Was Awful"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 100 //

This cassette- which has both a long artist name and title- begins with delicate guitar plucks, some horns come in softly in the background and then the guitar plucks turn into strums.   There is a really old- like 1930's- type of feel to this in terms of it being a love song.   Then it also comes in to where it sounds like it could be jazz.   The percussion comes in and it has a strong sense of jazz now as this song just seems to grow.

Though I said earlier that this felt like jazz because of the horns, it's actually a sax.  The guitar notes go back and forth now as those cymbals expand.   It sounds like Jaws now and even the guitar is going along with it.    As the sax fades and the drum comes to a singular thump the guitars begin to strum in a fully blissed out way.   This takes us into our next song which has more of that blaring sax with guitars going off like car alarms and major cymbal crashes.

Everything is picking up now in a psychedelic alien way as the sax just beeps on through.   It slows down now to where the guitar riff comes out like blues with the sax still supporting it.   As the sax scrambles and much else comes to a stop, this whole first side seems to have found its end.

On the flip side the guitar notes are more stretched out and they sound like we could be lounging on a beach somewhere.   The sax comes in and puts a stop to that though, as now I sense the chaos and feel the tension.    The guitar once again begins playing, finding its rhythm and then the sax comes in with random notes.   This is free jazz right here.   It sounds like everything is just breaking down now.

Somehow it becomes smooth with the steady knocking of the drum.  This takes us into a song which begins with guitar notes that are just completely blissed out.  The drums roll in and the sax slowly begins to add to the overall experience.  The guitar starts walking and everything else just starts blasting.    This somehow just really takes us into a groove which makes me feel like I'm being played onto stage on a talk show.   We seem to be stuck in this loop of banging now as the sax slowly squeaks out.

A really just pure guitar part comes through and is only met by some sax at the very end and it is just magical.   The sax comes back blaring with the drums banging away now.   It begins to do that skramz thing now that jazz tends to like to do.   Things are crashing down now like a mighty storm.    This is how it reaches its end and it seems only fitting for it all to just disappear in the smoke.  


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