Record Review //
"Monster b/w Pyramid"
(Devil In The Woods)

$10 // //

The title explains what this record is and as such I will review it by writing about song/side.

"Monster" opens with electronics boops and bleeps.  It begins to build now and feels somewhat haunted as the drums kick in.   Back and forth synths make me think of "The X-Files" and then the pace just completely picks up into one of punk rock.  The synth still comes through, but in a different way now as this becomes quite an energetic ride.   It could feel as if we're driving along in a video game or it just has that animated music video way about it like something you'd see in the early days of MTV.   Though this is instrumental, these notes find their own way to sing.   I'm not sure music has ever been this complicated before and that's coming from a song without any words.   It feels like you could find a band in that "Weird Science" era to compare this with, an Oingo Boingo perhaps, but it just isn't the same.   This song has a modern twist the likes of which I have only heard before in, well, this song.

On the flip side, the second song is called "Pyramid" and it begins with a fun drum beat.   Heavily distorted guitars kick in and this one is just a whole lot of fun.  I've recently wanted to watch "Josie and the Pussycats" because it's on HBO Max and I haven't seen it since I was a kid and this song is just making me want to do that even more.    Words are being whispered through here and this song just rocks and it feels like we're bouncing around.   This is a song I'd put on during a long drive when you knew you had nothing but open road ahead of you for miles and miles.   In that same way, it does feel somewhat like a video game, to the extent that it can feel like we're driving in a simulation. 

These two songs are both fast paced and a lot of fun.   They are a great way to be introduced to Espectroplasma and I would definitely like to hear more music not just from this artist but in this type of genre- an instrumental punk rock n roll. 


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