Cassette Review //
"Cut the Shit"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$7 //
Edition of 100 // //

Slowly, this one begins with the drones like electricity.   It begins to get wavy now, as if the steady rock back and forth on a boat at sea.   There is a distortion behind this which just grows as well.    As it begins to screech higher notes it then drops off into these Atari pinball type of tones.    This creates a nice looping effect and it feels as if we are using sonar out at sea.  These distorted electronics find a melody and begin to build up a sound which is almost growing into sharpness.   The beats really begin to come through now and they become rapid fire.    Through a series of alien-like beeps this song seemingly comes to an end.

Sonar begins the next song with some sharp sounds like we have brakes coming in hard with the tires.  A deeper whirr joins this and takes over the sound as it has more bass now.   It feels like we're diving deeper and deeper, exploring the vast unknown but the question still lingers of whether this adventure is in outerspace or underwater.   As it feels as if we're being sucked under, pulled into this hypnotic whirring, there is no choice but to surrender as the first side reaches the end.

On the flip side we come screeching in like modems to start.    We have this definite underwater vibe now as I'm feeling like this is "JAWS" but it's less about being on the surface of the water and having a shark pop out and get you.   It sounds more like we're really far down in the water and exploring things which haven't been explored before- uncertainties which shouldn't be explored.   As it feels like it's getting wavy, the intensity just increases.   There is some sharpness here as well, but only slightly.

This all stops abruptly as some tones come through in place now which sound like guitar plucks with deep bass strings behind them.   It's slow and steady, with a feeling of despair.   Lighter little beeps come in the background now, almost in a droid way, and it still feels sullen.    There is also something video game-like about this, but in a slowed down way.  Like someone was playing an Atari game but then just really spaced out the sound.

A whirr like a helicopter now and things go quiet.   As we build more and more like a helicopter but into a solid drone I am reminded of the movie "Rambo" for some reason.   I just feel like we're in a place we really need to get out of and in a hurry.   The wind begins to just take over all of the sound as it grows and this would almost be relaxing if it didn't feel so intense.  Perhaps on more listens it might find peace, but right now it just feels like I'm being chased.  This gets a little sharp but then just keeps that rhythm going into the next part.   I feel like so much of this can just be thought of as sands going down in an hourglass.


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