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"Need a Girl" //

One of the first things I hear within this song is how it has this pop quality to it overall, but at least at first it feels like it has these almost country undertones to it- where it feels like it's pop on the surface but something almost like rock is going on underneath it all.  This, and not just because of the subject matter of the song, makes me think of Jill Sobule, as it's not really pop enough to be pure pop but not rock enough to be rock and just somewhere in between.

At the same time, this definitely has a throwback feel to it where it sounds less like something which you would find on the radio today and more of something you'd find on the radio in the 1990's.  In that sense, I do think of this as sounding like Wilson Phillips quite a bit only this has singular vocals instead of how Wilson Phillips is perhaps best known for their different vocals all coming through at once.

During this music video we find the singer to be alone, for the most part.   There are these other people there but they're dressed in full red body suits and have wigs which match the hairstyle of the singer.   It's interesting because sometimes we see the singer and these red friends painting, playing the piano and playing chess.  If you live in a city where you can go to a park and play chess with someone random then in some ways, these are all singular activities- things which you can do by yourself.

But here's where the music video gets interesting: though these are all things you could do on your own, you really do them for or with other people.   Though you can paint by yourself, the painting is of two people.   You can find someone random to play chess with in the park, but wouldn't you rather play chess at home with someone you know?  And playing music can be done by yourself, but don't you make it for someone else to hear?   It's so fitting for the song how each of these actions seem like solo fun but really require another person.


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