Record Review //
(ShanGORIL La Records)

$17 //
Edition of 300 //

This one starts off dark and driving.  Horns come in to make it feel a little bit like jazz.  Lasers come through and it feels like it has this way about it where it's too fast paced to be Pink Floyd but too slow to be jazz.    An audio clip now about a generation laughing its way into Hell and then the music comes in loud.   This has a sound like The Lot Six or Garrison, but instrumental.   Starts and stops as I think of the indie rock that defined me in 2001, most of which came out of Massachusetts.

On the next song we start off a bit more upbeat and almost fun in the rock way, but then it drops off deep into a sound which is almost metal but I can really hear the post rock coming out now.    We slow down now, a little bit more spatial and then that beat comes in like a pulse.   Notes pierce through and this feels like the soundtrack to a film which is just full of suspense, such as "The Thing".   Audio clips come through again now and it just makes me feel even more at unease.

Into a more upbeat rock song now, a bit faster, it could be an indie rock type of band but it reminds me a lot of the Groovie Ghoulies.  It has that haunted way about it, like something you'd hear out of "Scooby-Doo".   It builds up and then quiets down and this is just on a whole other level-- it's rock, and at times it can be punk or even indie rock, but it's just not like anything else I've ever heard before.

Slowly now, we waltz with the cymbals.  There is a definite march here but it just feels like something is creeping up on us.    Quieting now, we get that purr like a helicopter.    The guitar is really coming through loud now, like the heavens, and it's just glorious.   In some ways it feels like it wants me to not fear the reaper, but also it just ends up coming crashing down in waves which makes me feel like it's a little bit of surf rock.

We have a song start which eventually just really picks up and kicks in.   I can't explain it but it feels like we're going on such a wild ride.   We started off feeling so steady and now it just feels like we're spinning out of control but I love it.     Things quiet down as it feels like we're in a western with the hiss of a rattlesnake and then it all just kicks in heavily once again.    This has such a great way of starting off slowly and then just coming on strong and I really appreciate that build.  

The way the guitars hit on the second to last song just make me think we're going into a song by Garrison and even though it is instrumental it isn't too far off.   We build faster, starts and stops, yet somehow remain haunted by ghosts.   Quieter back and forth notes on the last song, but that bass is just back there lurking.  There is an alien feel with notes spacing out through the background and yet somehow this song just leaves me at peace.  


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