Cassette Review //
Kay Odyssey
"Knock Out!"
(Pecan Crazy)

$7 // //

The story of Kay Odyssey seems to be one which can take us through time itself.   When this cassette first starts, I'm reminded of a pop band from more recent memory such as Neon Trees.   However, this changes into something a bit more like garage with those clanky and fuzzy guitar sounds.   Soon enough, I hear this 1980's influence as I'm thinking of both The Go-Go's and Cyndi Lauper.

As we get into darker synth it can sound like spies with the keys.   This brings me to think of something from the "10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack- that era of music.   The way that these vocals come out though is... I'm not sure if it's a Fleetwood Mac thing or not, but it does remind me of the way a Disney princess would sing to the woodland creatures, made perhaps most popular in my world by that live action Disney movie which escapes my memory by name right now.  [Editor's Note: I looked it up.  It's called "Enchanted"]

On the flip side there is a hot starter called "RNR Angel" which reminds me of Sahara Hotnights.   This somehow drops off into these dreamy songs next which both have that 1950's Buddy Holly vibe but then can also dive off into an almost country-vibe before coming back to the rock footing.   It can feel a bit like Cowboy Junkies but with a lot more melody and the way the vocals are so unique just makes it a different experience as well.

While I feel like I've spent a lot of my time reviewing music complaining I didn't have proper influences growing up to make the comparisons with women, I feel like in last few years I've really gone out of my way to listen to music- past, present and future- by women to be able to better write about it.  What's funny about that, to me, is that now I'm listening to Kay Odyssey and feel like I'm back at that place I was several years ago where I just compared everything with The Cranberries and No Doubt.

If you needed any more reason to listen to this cassette (which you shouldn't) there is a bonus song on Side B called "Turn It Around".  It is fast.  It reminds me of punk rock more than anything else.  And according to the Pecan Crazy Bandcamp page it is also only available on the cassette so you'll have to actually not just be digital and listen to this one in a way which I prefer the most.


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