Music Review //
Sparky's Magic Piano
"Never Twice the Same Colour"


One of the only things about this album which bothers me is the title.  I constantly want to write it as "Never the Same Colour Twice" but that might just be me.   Sparky's Magic Piano begins this album with electric guitars which first hint at some coffee shop jazz but then bring in those organ keys and turn into something more psychedelic.    This takes us into a song which has that cool almost spy theme way about it.  

The guitar work really shines on "Last Supper" and it's just blissed out.   Then everything just opens up on "Colette" as the horns come in but it also just has this very indie rock / pop feeling to it.   The titular track brings out synths like The Rentals and is overall just a lot of fun.   It has a big rock vibe to it, something like Metric, but it also just feels like a different genre at the same time.  And this album does that a lot: seems like one genre but really is a combination of different genres and even creating some of its own.

"Someone from There" has lighter tones, like The Cranberries or Mazzy Starr.   This continues with the keys and appropriately named song "Heaven Chord".    This music is dreamy though and above all else it just has that quality to it- however you want to state it, the general vibe of it is dreamy / bliss / melodic.   Even as the acoustic strums come in on the very last song in that ukelele way.

Really this music is just designed to set the mood and that mood is a positive one.  Whether you're in a good mood or a bad mood, Sparky's Magic Piano is going to leave you in a good mood after you listen to "Never Twice the Same Colour".   The story this album tells is just one which should be celebrated and with every listen it only gets better.