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Suite 309
"Titanic II"
(Suite 309)



This cassette begins with a chopped up version of "Bittersweet Symphony" and then it turns into a different song.   There are electro beats now which I assume are original but the main sound keeps jumping between songs which makes it feel like we're just switching through radio stations.   We're into Sum 41 now and I'm not sure how I feel about this because it just feels like a mixtape where the songs aren't complete.

At times the songs make sounds as if the cassette is breaking and if you've ever made an actual mixtape in the 1990's then you know that sometimes at the end of the cassette itself this sound can be made.  It is definitely some kind of musical test though to listen to this cassette and hear a song and not immediately know it but then be able to recognize Destiny's Child.   Now I miss ODB and lately I've had this strong urge to listen to Wu Tang Clan.  Somehow this takes us into "All-Star", so it's like Bullworth vs Shrek.

The Titanic song comes on now and we appear to have jumped the proverbial shark on this cassette.   We're into "Lady Marmalade" now and I think this version of the song is better.   This takes us to the flip side and we hear Filter's "Trip Like I Do", which to me feels like a deep cut but is definitely welcome to be heard at any time.   Now we have some Rob Zombie and I just read that these songs are from Hollywood films and if I had to name the movies each of these songs came from I most likely could not.  

As someone who was alive during the VHS era of Hollywood, this isn't easy for me to place so I can only imagine what it's like for someone who has never seen VHS for sale in a Kmart.  "Who Let The Dogs Out", for example, draws a blank but if I had to guess I'm going with the David Arquette movie "See Spot Run".  I know that's probably wrong but shout out David Arquette anyway.   The song titles give away a little bit, but not a lot.   Then I hear the Rugrats song and it all seems to fall into place.  

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