Music Review //
Beldon Haigh
"Old Blackeye"

I enjoy music that has an upbeat and positive message to it, but I also enjoy music that feels more depressing and has a bleak outlook on life.   Somehow, Beldon Haigh has created a song in "Old Blackeye" which is all of those things.   With the idea being that life is a pain, but also that we should just enjoy the ride because we're all on it together.   There is a sense of apathy on this song but in the most optimistic way.

This rock n roll sound has an infusion of horns or keys and it reminds me of a band such as The Hold Steady or Nathan Leigh & The Crisis Actors.    I just imagine it as this huge, on stage production with a big arena and fifty people on stage but in reality it is likely more simplistic in how the sound is generated.   Giving off that big vibe though is definitely something I like about this song because it takes me back to when rock n roll wasn't afraid to have so much participation.

The chorus of this song starts with: "Life is a pain and a bore / but it's the little things that stop you being more / don't you waste it trying to even up a score" which starts off as somewhat depressing but it is realistic at least.   Not trying to even the score is good advice and then it kicks into: "It's a great big world / It's a great big life to explore" and that really feels like the big takeaway from this song.

For all of the time we have on this planet, it feels like we spend a lot of it on what it is going to seem really petty later on in life.   So even though this song has this way about it being bleak, there still exists this positive overall message of not letting that get to you- or anything get to you- and just going out and living the best life that you can.   That message coupled with this sound is certain to be an anthem for a long time to come.  


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