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From late August into early September, RPxSB released these three albums which became "CREATURES" and is in three Acts.    Each Act is eight songs, so it has twenty four songs in total- which might seem like a lot but when you really get into it, the time just flies by.   Perhaps the biggest factor to consider when listening to all three Acts is that this can't really have any filler (and it doesn't) because while twenty four might seem like a big number (and you could put in a few filler songs) if you're listening to this one Act at a time, then it's less likely you'll have a filler song when only considering eight.

My first time listening to this all the way through was from the beginning of Act I to the end of Act III.   I just did it all in one big listen.   But if you listen to Act I and really get into it, then move onto Act II a little while later and then do the same with Act III it might suit you better.   Listening to it all at once can feel like a lot to take on, but it also doesn't.   There are spots you'll pick out at first and then on subsequent listens there are other lyrics and beats you'll pick up on.  It might just take you longer to find those specific pieces because there are so many more of them spread across the three Acts.

On "Weather Patterns" there is a reference to professional wrestler Shawn Michaels, which I really enjoy, and also the line: "Life will get you down if you let her".   On "Playzone" there is another wrestling reference: "When I needed help you were like John Cena / I didn't see you" and that's just on Act I!  Act II opens up with a reference about X-Pac and there is a song called "Kevin Nash", which is one of my all-time favorite songs now and I just hope the man himself has heard it.

This feels like the type of sound a label such as Hand'Solo Records would spread out across a lengthy cassette.  It just has that vibe about it where it feels modern but there are throwback elements in it as well.  The lyrics stand out as much as the music itself and really any song on it could be your introduction to RPxSB and it'd be worth it.   Somewhere between clipping. and something else I can't quite put my finger on, this might feel like a lot of music to listen to at once but when you're into it, the experience becomes undeniable.  


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