Music Review //
Roger Street Friedman
"Love Hope Trust"

There are two sides to the sound of Roger Street Friedman on this song and they both don't come out right away.   At first, this country-like guitar riff can be heard which makes me think about artists such as ZZ Top and thus other artists who have that music which combines the feel of honky tonk with driving down the great highways of America.  It is that faster paced song though, so in a country genre I'm not sure where it would land because it feels like it can rock a little bit too much for them.

As you watch the music video for "Love Hope Trust" and see those words floating across the screen, you will also notice that the music video is 100% animated and it looks to be 2D at times and CGI at others.   The way the music video looks takes me back to a certain time of the 1990's when bands were still on MTV and it makes me think of Huey ewis and the News as well as Robert Palmer.  That sound- that certain rock n roll way which had horns and just this attitude about it- is what I can hear within this song by Roger Street Friedman as well.  

This music video shows moments of singing and playing the guitar, but also horses and giant ships.  I always think of these type of ships as being pirate ships, though I'm sure they have other uses, but with the bright colors and movements this video just feels like a lot of fun.   It has that vibe of something which was released during the prime of MTV and even though it makes me miss those days I'm just glad that music videos like this still exist and hopefully one day they can all find their way back to the same channel.

Throughout this song, however you want to classify it musically and feel about the music video (because I do recommend listening to this one while driving) there is a line in here I think we all need to follow that says: "Fear is no way to be living"  Many of the things we do (and don't do) are because of fear and in some ways we're conditioned to be fearful but once you just start letting go and opening yourself up to life it can become a lot better.  


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