Music Review //
"Red Moon"

From the very first note, the song "Red Moon" sounds as if we are walking across a keyboard and the notes are lighting up as we step on them.  It has that synthwave style to it but in a retro way as well.   Part glam and part dance, this song feels like a good nightclub anthem that you would hear and everyone around you would hit the dance floor.

Though there aren't really many musicians to compare APECS with, the way that this has that 1980's/1990's vibe like Cyndi Lauper makes it cool in a throwback way.  It also just seems to encompass everything from that era of time- the style and attitude- to where it feels like you could have an '80's themed party and play this song without too many people thinking it didn't fit.  

At the same time there is a modern feel to it.   I'm not sure what sounds like APECS in 2022, but in more recent years at least I can think of this as being part of that dance-wave movement that brought out such artists as Ladytron.   If you were there in the early 2000's for it then you know exactly what it was about and likely could name a slew of other bands from that time as well.

Maybe this sound comes through in waves, or phases like the moon.   Maybe it never really leaves and in those times when you can't find it that's only because it isn't quite as mainstream.  Either way, whether this music is making its comeback (again) or has always been, this is a fun song that should get you out of your seat.  


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