Music Review //
Sicard Hollow
"Face the Wreckage"

One of the very first sounds I hear on this song is the violin and since Sicard Hollow also has this pop and rock sound about them, this immediately reminds me of Yellowcard.  If you're more familiar with the electric side of Yellowcard, they do have a great acoustic song called "Rough Draft", which I can hear in here.  But, of course, since it is the great year of 2022 music is no longer one dimensional and this isn't just a reflection of one sound.

Sicard Hollow have a very unique sound because all of their instruments feel non-traditional in the sense that they have a cello instead of an electric bass.  It's kind of like imagining a band that had guitar/bass/drums and then added in some other instruments and those other instruments would be what came together to form this song with the vocals.

This music video spends time in the studio and moving around as well, which makes for a fitting visual because of the hook: "We will find our way".  Through the acoustics, harmonies are created and this just feels like a dreamy / blissed out song, even if at times it can feel like it's breaking down into something a little bit more country.

Perhaps the biggest part of moving on, in many ways, is simply looking at what you need to look past to keep yourself going.  In this way, we have to face the wreckage.  We have to confront that which haunts us in order to move forward in our lives.   And that can be done with the help of this song.