Music Review //
Rhett Repko
"Won't Cry"

The sound of Rhett Repko begins with beats and acoustic guitars.   There is definitely an interesting voice here because of how unique it is.   Just in the vocal sense of singing this doesn't sound like anyone else, but the way the music forms the melodies just crosses over so many different boundaries that it can't be defined.

At the root of it all, this song is pop.  But it takes me back to the 1980's/1990's when there were singers out there who had songs and felt like the solo version of a boy band.   It might be something only I hear, in that Richard Marx sort of way, but it's what I grew up with so it's good for me.   There is also that overall feeling of this being a boy band sound but at the same time it could just as easily be a pop punk band.   

The song itself is about not crying and one line even says: "Crying only makes it worse"  While there was a time when crying wasn't socially acceptable and now we've gotten more in touch with our feelings and it's become healthy to cry, the point of this song seems to be that if you're in a relationship with someone else and you spend more time crying with them than laughing it perhaps isn't the most healthy situation.   

On some underlying level, "Won't Cry" feels like a song that was originally recorded by someone from the 1990's or so and then a modern band with a different style is covering it, not too much unlike those "Punk Goes Pop" compilation albums.    But with those songs you could tell it was a new artist's take on an older song, whereas Rhett Repko just gives this song its own voice and sound which makes it that much more worth hearing.