Cassette Review //
Andreas Davids + Sven Phalanx
"Space Ambient Pop"


This cassette begins with some quiet outerspace drone.   It feels as if there is this sort of yelling in the background and it makes me think of the movie "Alien" to start.    A loop comes in now with somewhat haunted tones and it reminds me of "Halloween".   Laser blasts are in here now and it feels like we're fighting a sci-fi war.  A more pleasant tone, as if we are riding on a carousel, comes in now as does one which sounds like Knight Rider.   This still feels haunted though, as if souls are trapped within the sound.

A distinct ringing starts up the next song and there are words being spoken as well.   Magical tones cut through now and the pace quickens.   This sound really begins to find its groove and the words continue to pour out.  It can feel as if we're driving through the desert but it can also feel as if we're on a magic journey as well.  The way the beat just keeps up though makes this feel like a fun song to listen to while driving.  It really just pushes the beat as well, almost to the point where it can feel like a dance number.

What's interesting about the next song is it starts with these two sounds that are kind of like squeaks or some kind of bird calls but I can't quite describe them.  They remain as these X-Files type tones come in and bring us back into that realm of sci-fi thinking.   This then just leads to flat out laser blasts, as if we're playing an arcade game.   It gets this faster loop within everything else and the way it just combines the sci-fi elements with the magical ones really shows what this cassette is all about.

On the flip side we start with what sounds like a grinding drone.   Tones drop in with the drone now and it feels like we're going on a sailing adventure.  With the beats and tones it begins to feel like we are in a video game now and it is rather enjoyable.   The tones once again become isolated over the grinding drone and then seem to open up in awe.  This track has come full circle but also seems like it is ascending to Heaven.  The beats have picked up the pace a bit now as well.  We're moving along nicely.   And then this very distinct sci-fi type tone loop comes in.  

A dark grinding now brings in this sort of mechanical sound as vocals also can be heard but without words.   The words can be heard now, as they say the title of the cassette: "Space Ambient Pop".   I really enjoy the way this one moves but it is also the shortest song on this cassette as we now get some slipping sounds mixed with strings that sound like a sitar.   There is a sound now as each note is being touched you can hear the ripples coming from it.   These notes all become isolated and the beats return one final time.

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