Cassette Review //
Nyxy Nyx, Sun Organ, Sandcastle
"Made For This Life"
(BLIGHT. Records)


Sun Organ begins this cassette with a soft, acoustic ballad that starts off with a mistake but then kicks in a little bit like The Cure with a drum machine and just sounds so perfect.   A killer guitar riff comes through in this song as well, though it might not be a guitar and might be some sort of key tone.   Nyxy Nyx is up next with a song that feels like an electric version of twee.  It's got that fun almost Beach Boys way about it but then the distortion kicks in heavy.   Sandcastle takes on a much more distinct folk sound on their song.

Nyxy Nyx is the first artist to return at the fourth spot and this song has this ambient space melody to it.   It reminds me a bit of Jermaine Clement but it also just has this sound unlike any I've heard before as it feels like we're floating.   Sun Organ is up again with this somewhat country sound with big drum machine beats.   This song also has the hook inside of the j-card: "You used to be so much fun".  I firmly subscribe to the theory that the older we get the less fun we get as well.  

"Lovely Bride" is the second Sandcastle song and it feels like if Daniel Johnston was floating on a raft at sea but also somehow about to get married.   Nyxy Nyx is back with a lovely ballad that has a certain 1970's vibe to it even though it just also feels like it could be more like modern folk.   This takes us into Sandcastle again, who maintains that Americana sound on this cassette and can stand out in that way.    Sun Organ finishes the first side with this very electric type of shoegaze number.  

On the flip side all three artists come together to make the titular track.  At first, it sounds like Social Distortion to me.   It also just feels like the songs on the first side might have been mixed it up and manipulated to bring us this sound.    The second side really comes together in a weirdo rock kind of way but the first side has the songs sounding "normal" and for that this is a cassette which must be experienced on both sides as there is truly something for everyone here.  

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