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(Solid Melts)

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Eerie organ drones bring in the banging of the drums.  There is an aspect of this where the organs can feel like church or The Undertaker, but then they also slowly weave in and out like Pole Position in slow motion.  The drums just continue to bang though as these layered synths create the soundscape.   A little bit higher pitched tone comes through now, triumphant, and it feels like we're winning at a video game.  

The next song has these clicks with the percussion and then it also has that video game synth drone as well.   Vocals come in and there is an almost hypnotizing trance about it.  This has the same sort of idea of the song "Another Brick In The Wall" (Pink Floyd) but the percussion and just slow, prodding pace of it makes the delivery different.   The vocals sing about the "River of Sorrow"- which is the title- but also to "Get to the point of no return".  There is a very 1970's punk rock feeling to these vocals as well.

There is a short song of synths which makes me feel like we're about to go into Middle Earth.  It's only thirty five seconds and if I wasn't checking the cassette to the Bandcamp page I'd probably think of it as the end of the second song as this takes us to the end of Side A.

On the flip side we open with a fun synth drone and then the vocals come back in with those clicks of the drums.   This really just feels like slowed down punk to some extent but then at the same time I think about how it isn't really that slow as it has this drone-drive about it.   The song is called "Horizon Line" and the lyrics are about that.  

This takes us into a song which feels like the first one as it is instrumental and has those somewhat eerie X-Files-like tones.   There is this one eerie tone layer and then another layer of driving but I do not hear the percussion during this song.   It feels a bit like an Atari game as well.  This song ends and leaves me feeling similar to the way the first song did and so I feel as if this is a great cassette to listen to on a loop as it really comes full circle.  


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