Cassette Review //
German Army
"untitled tape"
(L.I.E.S. Records)


Beats kick through like that Tell-Tale Heart as ambient drone fills the space behind it.   Many electronics come buzzing in now and it feels like we're in outerspace but it also is just so electric it could be like bugs.   The electronics take on this almost Transformers sound and it just becomes this loop of ambient relaxation mixed with a working tone.   The more I listen to this soundscape the more I feel like we are in a simulated dream.  Lasers are blasting and it slowly fades out.  

Whooshes come in next with beats which sound like percussion.  Somewhat glass tones come in with this mix as well and it just feels like we've entered that neon jungle.   It almost feels like a game, ping pong or basketball, but these other tones coming through just make it feel like something else- almost like telephone touch tones- but it just all comes together to create this space vibe.   Onto the next song where the percussion feels more like bongos, we're drifting through spooky whirrs.  

Screeching through now, the percussion becomes louder- abrasive even- but still maintains that acoustic jungle feel about it.  Lasers come distinctly zapping through and this one feels a little bit like a video game.   As this feels like dance it then switches over to another song which feels even more like a dance number with the beats.   With a little bit of rattling now, the next song comes through like the steady bouncing of a ball.   The electronics all loop rather heavily and then we get more minimalist with the next sound.

There is a definite drive here, somewhat heavenly, but also like a video game along the same lines as Double Dragon.   This also takes us to the end of the first side.   On the flip side there is this very distinct type of tone coming through in a percussion way and then those ambient beams shine on through with it.   This all expands and yet somehow can sound haunted as well.   Bigger beats drop in now and they echo.   There are also tones in here like strings but they might not be.   The beats whirr into sounds of ghosts.  Tones come through like magic as this one ends.

What sounds like ahh's comes in now with big distorted beats dropping.  This once again feels somewhat haunted with these slip-sliding beats.   Some more magic can be heard as it opens up at times.   The sound reflects like mirrors.   A different type of whirr now as the percussion comes rushing up like a stampede.    This all ends with this weird almost jazz sound and then we're back into those whirrs from space.   Somehow, the sound of church bells is ringing behind all of this as well.

The percussion comes through so fast and heavy now that it feels like a storm.   It's very wild but then it sort of calms down into this howl.  It pulls back a little bit but returns in that thunderous way before the next track starts up as more of a battle of synths in space.  This drops off and takes us into that Twilight Zone vibe for sure.   Everything goes quiet but then there is a rustling like we're in the woods.  Tones come through like video games or a pinball machine.   The bass thumps.   Ultimately, this all reaches the end and it feels like a true saga.  

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