Cassette Review //
Space Danish & The Sewer Diamonds
"Six Dungeons"
(Tetryon Tapes)


Right away I'm drawn into this cassette because of the name Space Danish & The Sewer Diamonds.  I have no idea what it means but it sounds like the title of a movie I'd find on Riff Traxx and I like that about it.   I'm not sure what a Space Danish would be (outside of Princess Leia's hairstyle) but I feel like a Sewer Diamond has something to do with either being too good for your surroundings or being the best in a sea of the worst.  But, if this ever does somehow become a movie I'd like to see it for sure.

This cassette contains six songs of weirdo rock that are borderline psych.   There are keys and there can also be these big tones which makes it sound like aliens.  In a large way, I like to think of this as sounding a lot like R. Clown (who thankfully exists, as I reference them a lot) but at the same time by the end of the cassette I have artists like Big D and the Kids Table in mind.  "Dark Years Away", for example, has this sound of almost screaming with the vocals but then the music itself feels almost like a fun carnival ride.

One thing I often times miss about music that Space Danish & The Sewer Diamonds accomplish here are the songs are titled as the chorus goes.   Sometimes music just needs to be that easy and to a large extent I feel like those days of naming songs lengthy titles that have nothing to do with the lyrics should be over.  From the first song- "Germ Chucker"- you can even sing along as the title is spelled out for you!

While I don't feel like this cassette has a strong New York Dolls sound (though one could argue it has its influences) I do hear a lot of that David Johansen vibe in here, perhaps even from his later days as an actor as Buster Poindexter.  It's just a certain attitude mixed with the grit of Tom Waits that comes together to give us a sound unlike any out there but definitely needed in this modern age of rock n roll.  

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