Cassette Review //
Final Cop / Cop Funeral
(Already Dead Tapes and Records)



This split cassette begins with heavily distorted guitar riffs, industrial strength drums and then the vocals come through in a dark and distorted way as well.   There is definitely a sound of horror within this first song.   The second song continues in this darkwave industrial way.   A twang is in the next song as an audio clip is back there talking and it sounds like Eddie Murphy to me.   But this person is also talking about being a revolutionary so I'm not sure who it is any more.  Big distorted beats drop like bombs now as guitars drone on through.

Throughout this first side there is this industrial / goth sound but that also is just somewhat how Final Cop sounds, as if you listen to the other music out there by Final Cop you'll realize this is along the same lines.   Still, it has the vibes of a soundtrack such as "Resident Evil" and I'm always on board with that.  This dark static feel continues as the vocals also begin to feel demonic.   The moving is methodical and almost like a video game.   And as it reaches the end it just sort of drones out.  

A slow buzz comes through like a lightsaber.  It feels as if it is slowly and quietly grazing.   A back and forth like Pong now.  While it is on a loop it feels rather relaxing.   Quiet static and sirens set the feel for a post-apocalyptic world.   Clicking and heavy breathing now, as if in a panic, an automated voice comes through and all I can think about is Bladerunner.   This sound flows through in waves now, as it feels a little bit haunted.   I imagine trees swaying in the breeze in the dark, their shadows casting misinterpretations.  

Beats drop and howl now.   They intensify as the whole thing turns into this faster paced video game type of feel, though there is this sharpness which makes me think someone is crying.  It all comes to an end on a mostly instrumental side where as the Final Cop side has vocals.  These two sounds feel intertwined even though they are different and that makes this a rather good split.  

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