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Scout Durwood
"The Kirk Pasich Project ft. Scout Durwood" 

This five song EP from Scout Durwood has a little bit of something for everyone, as it features five distinctly different cover songs.   I love the duality of a cover song in that it can either be a straight forward sound or a different interpretation, but I also enjoy how sometimes the original can be something widely known and other times it is not.   Scout Durwood seems to have found the magic formula when drawing for artists who everyone knows because if you've ever listened to music you have to know at least one of these originals.

"One Woman Army" by Kate Earl starts off this EP with acoustic / Americana rock.  It reminds me of Sheryl Crow and that "Witchy Woman" era of Fleetwood Mac.   If this is a song you do not know the original of, fear not because this takes us into "Unchained Melody", originally by The Righteous Brothers and it maintains that Buddy Holly era of dreamy rock n roll with R&B mixed in.  "Hanky Panky" is a straight up honky tonk cover of the Tommy James & the Shondells song and if you're familiar with country music this EP is likely hitting all the right spots for you.

When I was growing up, there were these commercials for compact discs and I realize that people don't really have compact discs anymore but they also don't really watch commercials either.  Anyway, the commercials would be for a collection like "The Best Rock n Roll of the 1950's" and they'd play a sample of each song as the song titles and artist names scrolled up the screen.   Because of this I feel like I do learned more about music in genres than I should have at that age but I hope with streaming being what it is music listeners today are more open to everything.

I wasn't sure what other song than The Beatles "Help" could be a cover of and while it is them it doesn't have that upbeat rock n roll sound related with that song.  The Scout Durwood version of "Help" is a moving piano-driven cover and it just feels so solemn but also brings new light to an old song.   The EP closes out with "Christmas In L.A.", which is fitting as the EP will be released later this year (November, closer to Christmas) and in the sense of feeling more modern this song is originally by The Killers.   It really does feel like there is something for everyone here to open you up into the world of both Scout Durwood and Kirk Pasich.


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