Music Review //
Luke Reyvn
"Money Pies"

Lately I've been finding myself listening to Machine Gun Kelly quite a bit- especially via the new blackbear album- and when I listen to "Money Pies" it just has that sound of hip hop mixed with pop that could fit in well with one of them.  There are actually quite a few features on the new blackbear album, so to see blackbear and Luke Reyvn on a song together would be quite fitting and I'd enjoy it.

There is something about this music video where it would fit in with the early 2000's on MTV (or perhaps late '90s)  I'm thinking of artists like Nelly and Lil' Jon and how you didn't need to have a huge to create a music video that looks like a short film but rather just have that appearance of cash, cars and style.   Sometimes, this is all it takes to sell the idea and Luke Reyvn has figured out that formula.

Lyrically this song is meaningful whether or not you take the words directly.  On the surface, this song is about drugs in a recreational sense and that will never let me forget that when the USA went to war against drugs it lost.  Drugs won.  Luke Reyvn has lines in here such as: "Drugs make me feel alive" but if you think about it, even if you don't do an illegal drug like cocaine there is a good chance that you have something in your life that acts like a drug.  It's all about those vices (of which I have a few) and we all have them.

With beats like hip hop but soulful singing like a pop star, the big question gets asked in this song, which is: "Are you willing to die for it all just to be living"  There is a balance- what they call "risk vs reward"- when it comes to doing anything.  If you play it safe your whole life, it can feel like you're never really living.  In this way, "Money Pies" is just about going for it, putting your foot on the gas and just doing what you love because it's better to live a full life than a wasted one.


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