Cassette Review //
"Box of Black"
(Public Eyesore Records)


Through a lot of sharpness and distortion, this cassette opens up sounding like a swarm of bees is ready to attack.   Words can be heard spoken behind the chaos and it all feels quite dark, like a mystical scene out of a movie from the 1990's.  It all swerves in and out like a static panic.   Through all of this harsh static I managed to hear sirens outside and I had to take a moment to make sure they were in fact not part of the song.

We calm down and start with a ringing type of sound, someone is speaking and it just gives away the idea of being in space from the start.   It turns into a slower, more robotic sounding type of distortion now- as if the static is crushing.   In between songs seems to be the only time it gets calm as we come back into the next song with this modem-drone sound with sharpness breaking through.   This sound just feels as if a sharpness is leaking through.   It sounds like chains are dragging now, but in a locomotive rhythm and with alien whirrs behind them.

On the flip side that static now comes through in waves with horns blasting here and there with them.  Higher pitched tones come through now, as if in awe, but it also has this guitar driven way about it.   There is also a slightly haunted sound within this all.   These sounds all come together too now and feel a little bit like slow traffic.   Through the darkness now comes thr plucking of strings in this Old Western sounding way for sure.   Words can be heard hidden in the back of this all as well.

Distortion flows through haunted whooshes and this feels much like we are caught up in a storm now.    A hollow glass tone comes through now as a drone.   It has taken on a much quieter, ambient way now.   Waves are in and out as soft tones drop.   This all still feels a bit eerie and then the vocals behind it all have returned.   Sharpness is coming through again, like feedback in a way which might hurt the ears, but it still all feels so distant and haunted.   This is how it fades out, maintaining that sense of ambient drone mixed with haunted textures.  

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