Music Review //
Lucid Kidd
"Smooth Sailing"

Everything about this song from Lucid Kidd is positive.  The saying itself, "Smooth Sailing", is an example of that but from the sound to the lyrics to the overall vibe this song gives it's just that definition of ecstasy (and not the drug)  The music itself is on the hip hop side but there is singing and it's just all blissed out.  Between that idea of rap and pop, it just has this melody that I think defines genre and should put it into its own space with just the tag "melodic".

The song itself is fun because it's about thinking about someone in a positive light- which is not something we often hear in songs (A lot of songs are about heartbreak)  "When I think about you / I think about the ocean / smooth sailing / and the seven seas" is really one of the biggest poetic compliments you could pay another person.   But then when that hook changes from the ocean to being the motion the song turns from an emotional attachment to a physical one.

This music video is interesting because it has a strong focus on water, which is fitting given the title.  The main character starts off in a bath tub, submerged underwater and then somehow is seen struggling to break free while stuck inside a television that the other version of the character in the bathtub walks by.   There are also scenes at the beach- at the ocean- and I just think it means that as much as it feels like smooth sailing it can take but a moment to drown.

Though that is the type of warning we should all pay attention to, at the same time this song just brings me so much joy that I don't want to think about the negative side of things.  You know how when you first meet someone and you feel like you're in love with them that even the thought of them makes your whole body feel so happy?  That's the exact feeling that this song conveys and if you want that happiness in your life then listen to Lucid Kidd.


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