Music Review //
Vinyl Floor
"Funhouse Mirror"

Please Note: Vinyl Floor can be found on Spotify at this link, though "Funhouse Mirror" will not be released publicly until September 16th, 2022:

While the music of Vinyl Floor has a psychedelic and melodic rock sound, I must also admit that I do enjoy the name Vinyl Floor.  All too often now we see this fake wood and mostly tile, but I remember growing up and always sliding around on vinyl.  The way that it crosses over with music- as I imagine a floor made entirely of records- just lends even more imagination to this sound which has a lot of qualities outside of the standard genres.

Perhaps the biggest take away from this album is how Vinyl Floor has crafted their own sound while having influences of others on the surface.  There are horns here and there, which can make the songs sound big and triumphant, and even "Clock With No Hands" has that "Killer Queen" way about it.   There are hints of twee and it almost drops off into a realm of classic rock throughout as well.   "Dear Apollon" is dreamy and has that "That Thing You Do!" way about it which just puts it in a whole other genre.

On the titular track there are big pianos, which make me think of The Beatles, while "Ever, the Optimist" feels a bit like They Might Be Giants.   "Stare, Scare" does seem to have a haunted sound to it while "Death of a Poet" explores someone who committed "suicide at the height of fame", as the song states.   This could be taken to mean any number of people, which really the amount of artists it could be just feels sad.

"Days" has a bit more acoustics in it but overall there are just trippy melodies throughout this album.   A big instrumental patch also takes us up to the end.   While Vinyl Floor has a sound which can be traced back to different eras of rock, they all have similarities and that is what ties all of these songs together to create a sound that doesn't sound exactly like any of its influences but a sound just for Vinyl Floor.