Music Review //
DG Adams
"Searching For Flowers"

Throughout the EP "Searching For Flowers", DG Adams finds a sound which can be heard in every song even though each song can also have its own identity.   When the EP starts with <1>, I hear bits of Santana and Fastball, with harmonies.  The lyrics sing about casting the devil out and as this is the first song I'm wondering whether or not we've got into the type of music that is going to be preachy the whole time, but this is really the only song which feels like that.

<2> opens up with deep strings and in ways it has minimal sounds behind the vocals.  <3> is dominated by piano and vocals which makes me think of Randy Newman.   We get into some folk sounds, but with despair, on <4>, but I'm also thinking about the Flight of the Conchords.  Overall though this sound just takes ideas such as those artists might have and delivers them in a way which provides DG Adams with a unique voice.

"California's Burning" sends an important message about the climate of things, one which seems lost in the modern landscape of problems after problems being dished out in this country.  By the end of the EP, you'll hear the lines "Treasure for free" and if you are able to find that treasure by listening to this EP then you have done well.  Music isn't always free but the reward in listening to this is greater than the time you would put into it.

What's interesting about this EP and DG Adams as well is there are a lot of vocal harmonies, but they are done by different people and not just the same person for each song.  Anna Katarina, Jimena Bautista and Ellington Campbell and lend their vocals on here.  There are also musicians designated to instruments such as the piano, bongos, cello and even the electric guitar on the opening number.  So this really does feel more like a collective effort than a solo album and I enjoy that about it as well.