Music Review //
The Polyphonic Spree
"Got Down To The Soul"

One of the things which I've always loved about The Polyphonic Spree is that they always had this way about making every song feel like a big deal.   Every song felt like it was this big stage production with all these extra players and such.  You know how some bands have that one song where they bring in extra strings or horns or a choir to sing along with- that's how every Polyphonic Spree song feels to me.  

This is reflected well on the latest single, "Got Down To The Soul", which has a bit of that trippy pop that you would find in that particular era of The Beatles, but overall through the distortion, the strings like an orchestra and even a chorus of singers by the end, this song just has that Polyphonic Spree sound to it that we've all come to know and love.  This song just feels like the way some artists go out of their way to make that one song extra, this is happening throughout here.

Perhaps the most interesting lines repeated in this song are:  "Some of us will die / And some of us will sing".  Though it may not be part of the influence, the fact is that we are slowly coming out of a global pandemic circa 2020 and as such you have to think about this lyric in relation with that.  People did die during the pandemic and so this kind of feels like that new beginning idea where those of us who have survived it are going to sing because we're still here and life is to be taken as more precious now.

And without getting political themselves, this song does make me think about the way people during the pandemic chose sides to either help protect themselves and others around them or just decided to ignore all common sense and instructions, which in a lot of ways feels like the title- "Got Down To The Soul".  We got down to the soul of a lot of these people, to see where they stood.  But, this also just serves as a good "take at surface value" type of song and the title could be in reference to just enjoying the music.


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