Music Review //
Tony Tyrrell
"Mocking Bird"


Right away I'm into this music video because it's like a little movie but that should not distract you from the fact that Tony Tyrrell also offers up his unique voice to the sound of this song as well.  There really isn't a lot to compare Tony Tyrrell with musically as the rock seems to be melodic and vocal-driven, which with those unique vocals being at the front it doesn't sound like anyone else.

One of the first things I notice and enjoy about this video is that the main character is not Tony Tyrrell.  The video cuts to scenes of Tyrrell singing and playing guitar, but at no point does Tyrrell surface as a character in this story, which is set between two other people.   The two characters start off drinking and laughing as friends but then end up in confrontation and eventually it gets physical.

This whole video starts off though with a panic and a scene of what happens at the end of the story.  It's really well done in that sense, just in terms of being a short film, but it also very much goes with the song as well, as "Mocking Bird" tells a story which is acted out during the video.   It's really, more than anything, a story of regret, as the lyrics sing "We're at the border of a place called no return".

When listening to this song it not only has this energy, this drive about it but throughout the lyrics and video presentation I hope it also brings the listener a lesson.  Yes, this is the type of music that you don't hear every day, as it can't be compared with other artists easily and as such it deserves more attention based upon that.  But this song also has this underlying theme about it of not acting on impulse or on too harsh of emotions because it might come back to haunt you in the end, as we found out during this song and video.  A life lesson which will hopefully stick with many who hear it forever.