Music Review //
Aleksandra Takala
"In My Own Time"


When this album first start it has a rattle, a flute and a guitar part which makes me think about "Desperado".   There is a chill vibe to it, as it plays through, but it also makes me feel like I'm out in the desert.   Some chimes come through like magic and it just takes me away to another place.   This takes us into the second song, which builds up more like we're at a Ren Fair and it just feels like we've gone from being in the desert to being in a castle.   There is a lot of what I believe is called "guitar noodling" in here, but then it kicks in dramatically and we're on a great quest.

The pianos become a lot more apparent now and have some tension in them as well within the fourth song.   But now it's also beginning to feel like we're inside of an "X-Files" loop as it goes haunted.   Then by the sixth song we get into this bass line which makes it feel like we're hard at work.  

The further we go into the album, as we approach "Silva's Ride", the music can turn from this medieval sound to more of a direct sound of being at sea, much like a pirate and I can relate that with either being inside of a video game or the popular Disney movie series.  There are still acoustics, there are still strings and other orchestra instruments, but it just takes on a different tone, a different attitude.

In some ways this all just feels like the soundtrack to a film or video game.  It reminds me of "Lord of the Rings" in a film sense, but it can also remind me of a video game that I don't know because it feels like we're going on this quest throughout different locations (land, sea and air!) and it feels like the video game would be made eventually revolving around this most epic soundtrack.  


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