Music Review //


For as much time as I've spent thinking about making playlists for parties using Spotify, I've also really thought about using YouTube as a playlist for a party because then not only do the guests get the audio of the song they get the visual to go with it.  The abstract shapes and waves which form throughout this video by LOVE CRUSHED VELVET, often times in shades of red and blue, are the perfect way to accompany the song.

I also like to think back to when record stores were more prominent and with the technology we have today there would be no reason why record stores couldn't put in flatscreen televisions to play music videos rather than just having speakers with audio.   This video would also look great doing that, as the images sort of present one of those 3D images we used to stare at in the 1990's until a specific image would appear.   

LOVE CRUSHED VELVET has this sound which is a bit like Depeche Mode but also in a modern sense as well.   An artist such as Blue October can be heard but there are these synths at the end of this song as well which just somehow take it to the 21st Century.   It has this almost dance beat to it as well, where it does make you want to get up and move, but yet the song is kind of more serious in a lyrical sense because the chorus is about liking your saddened eyes.

In some ways, the lyrics have that idea of telling someone that they're pretty when they cry.   We shouldn't be promoting people crying because that feels like we're encouraging them to be upset, but at the same time crying is therapeutic so it's this sort of grey area I'm going to leave alone now.   However you should choose to take these lyrics, this song has that sort of dreamy sort of dance but also darkwave way about it and it just needs to be on playlists everywhere.