Music Review //
Cosmic Embers
"Apocalypse In Metropolis"

Cosmic Embers finds this groove with the song "Apocalypse In Metropolis" and it has this sound which cannot quite be defined.   Right away you will notice how the vocals stick out, as they have this distinct deep bass sound to them.   There aren't a lot of other artists who have vocals in a similar way but if you think of artists such as Tom Waits and Tom Petty then you'll be on the right track.  

During the verses, this song has all the vibes of blissed out dreamy rock.  But then when the chorus kicks in, it becomes distorted and heavier.  The only band I can really think to compare this with- and who come to my mind immediately- is Creed.  And I know that Creed take a lot of negativity over the years, but let's be fair: they were selling out huge arenas for a reason.   Being compared with Creed isn't a bad thing because all bands should be so lucky to do what they did.

I also feel like it's just that idea that this song has such a unique sound that I can't really compare it with something else or with a mix of other things.   It gets intense and serious and at one point there are alien whirrs in the background as well.  But it just feels like the artists involved really took their influences and kind of hid them to create their own new sound.  And in the year 2022 with all available sounds out there to draw from, I wonder why more artists don't do this.

Once you kind of get used to the idea of how this song sounds and stop trying to think of it as sounding like someone else, it becomes even better.  The way it has this rock groove just makes me want to move with it.  Creating a sound that hasn't be heard before is an accomplishment within itself, but doing so in a manner which also is fun to listen to is perhaps the biggest accomplishment of all.