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Gavin Fox

The sound of Gavin Fox can very much be summed up as acoustic melodies, but throughout these twelve songs on "Awakened" there is also a rock sound.  Between even the first song- "Lay Down Low"- and the third song- "Tell Me So"- there is that difference to be heard where the first sounds like a full band and the third has this feeling of a solo voice with an acoustic guitar.

As we get into "Judgement" though, the sound becomes deeper and it feels a little bit like Elvis.   "Tale Of A Broken Man" takes on that driving rock sound like Steppenwolf and it just feels like going out on the open road.  There are a lot of acoustics within these songs and at times it can remind me of Bob Dylan while other times it reminds me of James Blunt.

Lyrically these songs focus on love but in a different sense as a lot of them seem to be introspective versus being about a relationship between two people.  "Nancy's Table" discusses the topic of therapy and as far as healthcare in the United States goes, everyone should be allowed some free therapy.  

Throughout this album, though the acoustic plucks and otherwise energetic rock n roll can leave you thinking of other artists, I think the biggest take away is just that Gavin Fox is truly finding his own voice, not just in his singing but in the music which goes along with it.  There will now come a point in time when other artists look to Gavin Fox for inspiration and other music is compared with this.


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