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Right away the song "A-Bomb" begins with an undeniable energy.   Distortion and melodies make up most of this song as it has a fast pace to it, not too much unlike punk rock.  There are songs by bands such as Metric that remind me of this but there is also that classic rock feel to it which encompasses artists such as Joan Jett and Blondie.  In more recent comparisons I hear some of The Donnas and Sahara Hotnights.

As this song goes on though it becomes more apparent that A.N.J.A. is crafting a sound all their own which can be attributed to the influences of those who came before and have that same sort of impact upon first hearing it, but yet still somehow creates its own genre in the end.  At times there is speaking within the singing and just the overall way this could be something playing a biker bar with lots of leather or surf punk just makes it stand out.

However you find new music, whether it be listening to the radio or playlists made by music people you trust, the one way to always make sure people pay attention to your sound is to stand out.   Hearing "A-Bomb" doesn't make me think of this being a song by an existing artist but rather it sounds new and fresh so I would want to go out of my way to track the name of the artist down and listen to everything I can by them.

I'm not sure exactly what the "A-Bomb" is- if it is perhaps atomic or not- but lines like "Let's make history / Put me out of my misery" certainly seem to suggest we're going to end the world.   But even without thinking about this song in the sense of understanding the lyrics, I think of it as just being this loud anthem that can be played at parties, while riding a motorcycle or just in any situation where you feel like you need to get amped up.


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