Music Review //
Josh Kelley
Full Performance and Interview (Live at the Print Shop)

Often times I feel spoiled when it comes to music because I grew up in a time when MTV was at its best and even VH1 was trying to compete with it.   All of this modern technology is great, but a lot of it doesn't seem to make a difference when it comes to how music is presented.  It's the same idea of how we don't have a place to steadily view music videos any more.   Seeing this performance and interview from The Print Shop makes me think of the days of MTV's Unplugged and VH1's Storytellers.

The tough thing with creating something like this is that not only do you have to be someone who interviews musicians (which I am) but you have to also have that space for them to perform songs (I don't), all the equipment to record the music and then to piece it all together as The Print Shop has done here is quite the feat.  Going from a stage to a couch with performing and interviewing is not something everyone can do but The Print Shop just excels at it here, reminding me of my younger years.

Josh Kelley sings his songs, most of the time with the help of his acoustic guitar although at one point he does go to the piano.   During the interview portion- which is spliced in between the performance- they discuss how Josh Kelley has been around but is also kind of a new artist and he uses the term "rediscovered".   You may or may not have heard of Josh Kelley before, but if you're looking for a way to dive into his soulful melodies, this video presents the perfect opportunity for you to do that in a way that both a studio album and live performance would accomplish.

There is also the interview aspect to this, which is like if you were on a website or reading a magazine article about Josh Kelley.   All of these things combined in such a way just truly feels like a bit of magic.   Josh Kelley mentions his famous wife but doesn't name drop Katherine Heigl so I had to go to Wikipedia to find that out.   The Wikipedia entry also taught me that Josh Kelley was born the day before me.   With discovering the music (and how he goes into the Fresh Prince theme song at one point) from learning these types of facts which I will always remember now, The Print Shop just does such a great way of shining a spotlight on Josh Kelley and I'm eager for more from both.