Music Review //
Matthias Sturm
"All Beauty Must Die"


While this music video has a lot of trippy aspects to it, so does the song itself.   With black and white schemes swirled with colors throughout, this video has images of someone playing guitar but they don't sync up with the music.   There are also other odd and seemingly random images shown throughout, just to stick with that trippy vibe which this whole song also presents within its sound.

Though the music itself could best be thought of as some sort of combination of an old folk duo or the Flaming Lips, it has seemed to found its own way that doesn't really go down that road of having musical influences at the front but rather other ideas.  I like to imagine a sort of grown up and more serious version of "Scooby Doo", like how the Archie comics became "Riverdale".   In that respect, this song would fit in that universe perfectly.

Everything that ties this sound together feels a bit haunted, but then again you must consider the title of this song as well.  It does not state that all beauty must fade or diminish in some way, which people tend to think it does in time, but rather it states that all beauty must die.  Though in the music itself Matthias Sturm has not crafted something here that is metal, the idea behind the lyrics certainly seems to be.

From being a preacher man to a voodoo man, Matthias Sturm spends this song out there killing the beauty in ways which you otherwise might not think about because of the somewhat upbeat feeling of the sound.   I'm not sure why all beauty must die but there is beauty to be found in everything and eventually everything must die so perhaps that is the bigger lesson here- about mortality.  


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