Music Review //
Alec Chambers
"Ed Sheeran's A Dick"

The song title "Ed Sheeran's A Dick" is either going to offend you or have you laughing.  If you're like me and it makes you laugh, then you're likely going to want to hear this song to find out why Alec Chambers thinks this about Ed Sheeran.  While society has become over-sensitive in many ways, listening to this song is a good way to find out why this song kind of pokes fun at Ed Sheeran but not really.

The idea behind this song lyrically is that Ed Sheeran writes these love songs and it makes Alec Chambers' girlfriend wonder why he can't be that sweet and romantic so she leaves.  It's one of those situations where Ed Sheeran is only really a dick for making Alec Chambers look bad in comparison, and so in some backwards way this does feel like a bit of a compliment.  Alec Chambers also says that he likes the music of Ed Sheeran- that it is catchy- and at the end he even drops the "jk".

What is somewhat funny about this song is the sense that Alec Chambers is writing it while saying that the music of Ed Sheeran does still get stuck in his head but this song itself can get stuck in your head.  I feel like whenever I see the name Ed Sheeran from here on out I'll have the chorus of this song stuck in my head.  And that might lead me to sing it somewhere public and cause someone to give me a weird look.

But as much as this song is a fun pop hit, there really doesn't seem to be any ill-will towards Ed Sheeran.  That's kind of the funniest part about it all.  Because people (like me) will be singing "Ed Sheeran's A Dick", but at the same time, I don't have an opinion about Ed Sheeran either way and this song is more of a roundabout compliment to him more than anything else.  It just makes both Ed Sheeran and Alec Chambers look good.