Music Review //
Susie Suh
"Blood Moon"

From the second this song starts until it ends the vibe is just one which surrounds you and takes you into its own little world.   With vocals and piano at the front of it all, this song comes out soft spoken but at the same time with the content of it there is a sense of seriousness and just this all around importance which can be felt as well.  It's dramatic in the best possible way.

There are two types of people in this world: those who don't understand astrology and those who do.  If you don't think that the phases of the moon have something to do with the way people act then I think that's being pretty naïve.  These ideas have a history behind them, they're not just based on wanting to sell t-shirts or whatever.  It's all very real.

In that sense, this song is about the Blood Moon and it has the line "Blood Moon light up the night".   I enjoy the Blood Moon because it's quite red and makes the sky look like it's bleeding.  It feels like the apocalypse and maybe I shouldn't enjoy that but I'm an Aquarius.  And as the song states with the lyrics:  "I don't know what I can do / I don't know what I can say / but I'm feeling the winds of change", the Blood Moon also brings chaos and change.

Visually, this music video is striking because it exists within a volcanic crater in Hawaii.  The way that all you see is Susie Suh singing and the crater just makes you feel like this is part of nature.  That idea, that spirituality that comes with this, it just works so well with the visuals because it all just comes back to nature.  And you can believe what you want, but this song and video both just represent the Earth and I believe in that.