Music Review //
Jacob Didas
"Rise & Fall"

As soon as this song hits the first note you can tell it's going to be something different.  The vocals in here are sort of singing but they're also sort of rapping so I'm not sure which one they are but it's a nice line in between.   Overall the sound can remind me of Twenty One Pilots or Fort Minor and really I don't think Fort Minor gets enough credit or comparisons so I'm very happy to hear them in here.

The pacing of the song and the beats suggest hip hop, but there are just these guitars and electronic sounds which bring it to a whole other level.  It's a good song to get hyped up too though because it has a lot of energy.   There are a lot of lyrics so picking out lines can be easily done, right up until the very end of the song.  In a lot of ways there is a lot to digest here, you're being hit with a lot all at once, but the more you listen to it the more it makes sense.

Growing up as a teen in the 1990's was great for music but I listened to hip hop and would be used to something hard like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube or 2Pac and then I'd get hit with A Tribe Called Quest and it'd completely blow my mind.   But then I also got later into different electronic music, which was like KMFDM and the such, so just to think of it in that techno/industrial way as well adds a whole other layer to it.

To be able to still hear new music that doesn't really sound exactly like anything else- or even a specific genre- but can also still bring me back to those days of when I was first discovering music myself is something really special.  Jacob Didas has just created such a wonderful sound here everyone should listen to this song at least once even if just to step out of your comfort zone.  You might just come to like it.  


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